Quick upper body workout


Fitting a workout schedule in your week may be harder for other people who have a busy schedule. But did you know that by working out intensely for 10 minutes can improve your overall strength in the long run? These short workouts are perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle as they can easily squeeze in a 10 minute of their time to perform a quick workout. However be aware that short, intense workout can only strengthen your body but does not help with gaining muscles or increasing your mass.

The way it works is working out for ten minutes and doing ten reps of 6 different types of exercises followed by a 30-second break of rest for each round. For upper body, we recommend the following exercises.

Triceps Dips

The triceps dips focus on working your triceps. To start with, you will need to a find a sturdy bench or chair and place your hands close to your sides while in a sitting position. After that, gently move your hips off the edge while keeping your hands in the same place and keeping your feet close to your body and knees. Then slowly lower your whole body down and rise back up.

Triangle push-ups

Get your body into a regular push-up position with your hands placed on the floor just below your face. After that bring your index fingers and your thumbs together to form a triangle shape in the middle. Slowly lower your whole body down and up while still holding the triangle shape. This type of push up is much harder than the standard pushup, and it focuses on working your triceps.

Lateral boxes

When doing this exercise make sure you prepare a set of dumbbells with a weight of 2 or 5 kilograms for beginners. Hold both dumbbells at each side of your hands facing in your palm. Make sure your feet are both hip-width apart. Slowly raise your arm and shoulder on the side while holding each dumbbell. Once the shoulders are raised, bring your arms and shoulder together until both dumbbells meet in the middle just above your chest line. Then slowly lower both shoulders down on the front of your body to complete a rep.