4 Effective Afterschool Sports Activities for Children

4 Effective Types of Training for Children

Just like adults, children require to perform fitness training for them to remain in good health. There are different forms of training that children can get involved to make them stronger and remain fit. Each of the training that children perform helps their body in different ways. It is worth noting that most children might not be able to guide themselves to perform the fitness training in the right manner, so it is good to be guided by adults or trainer in order to get the best results. It is also important to select the type of fitness training that you find interesting for your child in order to get the best results. Here are some of the different types of training for children.

Aerobic activity

Aerobic activities are perfect for children because they make the lungs to work harder and heart to pump more. In addition, it makes the children to sweat, enhance the working of their mind and improve their overall mood. This happens because the exercises assist the body to release feel good chemicals that help boost the mood. The best way for children to exercise is go outside and move in nature. Children can spend twenty to thirty minutes doing the aerobic exercises in order to get the desired results and avoid fatigue. Some of the aerobic exercises you get involved include dancing to music, biking, swimming, jumping rope, yard work, house cleaning fast walking, running, hiking, playing tag, cheerleading and many others.

Muscle strengthening

Muscle training helps children get more power. They do not require dumbbells because even climbing a jungle gym or a small hill can help them gain more strength. The muscle strengthening exercises should be done at least three times in one week. Some of the exercises that can help children build their muscles include rowing, running, tug of war, rope or rock climbing, working out with resistance bands or exercise weights. If you do not have the weights for the children you can make use of full water bottles or cans of food.

Bone strengthening training

Bone strengthening is effective for children because they make the bones grow and become strong. These fitness training ought to be done at least three times in one week. Some of the exercises that help in bone strengthening include running, skipping, hopping, jumping rope, tennis, hiking or basketball.


Stretches make children muscles more flexible. They help children gain the ability to reach and bend and turn in a better way. By making them more flexible, it becomes possible for them to avoid getting injurious or hurt. Some of the stretches that children can get involved include dance, gymnastics, yoga or martial arts.

Bottom line

The most crucial thing to ensure that children get the best results while doing fitness training is to guide them to ensure that they do not overdo the exercises leading to injuries or fatigue. The good thing is to ensure that they start with easy warm ups, dancing to some music or simple jogging in order to be able to train in a more effective manner.