5 Different Types of Training for Women

5 Different Types of Training for Women

In the modern days, women have become very active when it comes to fitness training. This is unlike in the past when most women only concentrated on domestic and professional responsibilities. One of the major reasons why most women engage in fitness training is to reduce weight so that they can get their desired body shape and boost their heath. A good solid training program plan will integrate different types of training that will assist you to attain your goals fast. Below are some different types of training for women.

Flexible training

Flexible training is one of the most crucial kinds of fitness training because it acts as the foundation for all other workout types. If you are able to perform effective flexible training, it will be easier to perform other exercise without a lot of straining. Stretching exercises will lower the risk of injury; boost your flexibility and range of motion. This training acts as great warm up for more hard exercises. In addition, yoga can assist in strengthening and relaxing your muscles. You can also engage in Tai chi to minimize stress and enhance your balance. Flexibility training also helps you have better posture and breathing.

Dynamic strength training

This form is viewed as an aerobic exercise and it is also known as a perfect isotonic exercise. The training assists in strengthening your muscles over a wide range of motion. Calisthenics and weightlifting acts as major examples of dynamic strength training. Dynamic strength training makes use of resistance to help in working your muscles out through a full motion such as sit up, leg press and bench press.

Static strength training

This training is also taken as aerobic exercise and very effective for women. It helps you to maintain the tone and strength of your muscles. Isometric training involves contraction of muscle without movement of any joints. There are two types of isometric exercise including maximal and submaximal. Submaximal exercises involve the contraction of muscles without using all your strength. The exercises include holding a dumbbell steadily with your arm extended fully outward. A maximal workout on the other hand involves contraction of your muscles using all your strength such as trying to push against an immovable object.

Aerobic training

Aerobic training is another perfect training for women. This form of training makes your cardiovascular system by enhancing your breathing and heart rate. These workouts make use of your large muscles to carry out rhythmic actions for a long period of time. In most cases these exercise should be performed for more than fifteen minutes and should make your heart rate between sixty to eighty percent of your optimal heart rate. Aerobic training includes jogging, walking, stair steppers, walking, swimming and elliptical.

Circuit training

Circuit training integrates strength training with other aerobic exercises. This training includes doing jogging between different workout stations. At individual exercise stations, you carry out different flexibility, static and strength training exercises. Normally, you perform each station for half to one minute and move on the entire circuit for thirty to sixty minutes.