6 Different Types of Training for Men

6 Different Types of Training for Men

Everyone knows that fitness training offers a lot of health and fitness benefits to the body. They are helpful because they make one stronger. If you are a man looking for the best fitness training, this article offers some of the different types of training for men.

Weight training

Weight training is one of the most effective training that can make you become stronger. However, it is good to note that different kinds of weight training produce different results. There are some forms of weight training that boost your maximal strength and others will boost endurance. There are also weightlifting methods that will just do a little for you in terms of endurance and strength despite that they give significant superficial results. In order to ensure that you get the best results it is good to select the weightlifting method that suits your specific needs.


Body building is another type of training that you train in a certain manner in order to get the desired goal leading to bigger muscles. You get to lift in the eight to twelve rep ranges and only work one muscle every day per week. This kind of training is the most effective for enlarging your muscles, but not necessarily making them stronger. This does not mean that you do not become strong because you still gain the strength that you want.

Power lifting

This is another type of training that is perfect for men that help them get maximal strength. By engaging in this form of training you gain what is referred as brute strength. When you lift weight you gain more muscles that make you stronger. In order to get the best results, you need to lift heavy amount of weight for a few repetitions.

Circuit training

Circuit training is when you carry out several exercises in fast succession. It involves lifting a light weight for a high number of repetitions. For instance, you can do twenty bench presses, twenty squats and shoulder presses without resting in between. This kind of training is perfect for burning fat, enhancing endurance and gaining more strength. This form of training is more perfect for you if you engage in boxing, mixed martial, wrestling and other games that involves fighting.


This form of weight training involves holding a weight up in a single position for a certain duration of time without having to undergo through a wide range of motion. For instance, you can hold a dumbbell straight inform of yourself for half a minute. This form of training is perfect for you if you engage in activities such as gymnastics, rock climbing that require you to support your body on a single position for a long duration of time.

High volume training

This form of training is similar to body building because it involves working your muscles one time in a week. The training focuses on boosting your muscular endurance one workout at a time. The training makes your muscles larger and enhances the ability of your muscles to keep up a specific level of resistance for a long duration of time.