Benefits of eBikes for Exercise and Fitness

Many of us are always on the lookout for new ideas to keep fit and get more exercise. It can be tricky to pack more time for fitness into a busy schedule, and sometimes the idea of getting tired and sweaty from exercising can really put people off. It certainly means that lots of people may not be able to ride their bike to work, for example, since they’d be exhausted by the time they arrived! So are electric bikes, best known as eBikes, a good solution to this problem?

In short, we think the answer for most people would be a resounding yes! In essence, ebikes are not dissimilar to normal bicycles at all, but they have the added benefit of an electric powered motor to assist you as and when you need it. Usually you can completely disengage the power assistance when you want to ride your bike under your own steam, so there’s no loss there in terms of exercise. Examples of major brands for ebikes in the UK include BH Emotion, Batribike, KTM, Freego, Hiabike, Pedelec and Powabike.

This motorised assistance does mean that you can travel longer distances much more easily by switching on the motor to help with parts of the trip that would otherwise be too physically demanding, especially if you’re on your way to the office. With the help of an ebike, you can spread your exercise over a longer distance and burn just as many calories without having a completely exhausting workout. This makes the idea of cycling around a lot less off-putting for most people, meaning you won’t have to worry about taking your bike out on more trips. Usually people find themselves cycling a lot more and getting more exercise just because they know they have the electric motor as a backup.

In addition to this added convenience, it’s important to think about the actual exercise you get from cycling with an electric powered bike. Usually they have a little extra weight to them, which of course is balanced out by the motor as it helps you cycle, but it means you’re getting a good workout as you keep it moving, especially up hills. Keeping balanced, steering and keeping the pedals going basically gives you a full body workout and can be highly effective for strengthening your core.

Overall, whether you enjoy using your ebike simply for cutting down your commute time or you take full advantage of every chance to get more exercise, we certainly wouldn’t subscribe to the theory that having an electrically assisted motor reduces the amount of exercise you’re getting. It’s well worth a try if you’re interested in getting more out of your regular cycling.