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Quick upper body workout


Fitting a workout schedule in your week may be harder for other people who have a busy schedule. But did you know that by working out intensely for 10 minutes can improve your overall strength in the long run? These short workouts are perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle as they can easily squeeze in a 10 minute of their time to perform a quick workout. However be aware that short, intense workout can only strengthen your body but does not help with gaining muscles or increasing your mass.

The way it works is working out for ten minutes and doing ten reps of 6 different types of exercises followed by a 30-second break of rest for each round. For upper body, we recommend the following exercises.

Triceps Dips

The triceps dips focus on working your triceps. To start with, you will need to a find a sturdy bench or chair and place your hands close to your sides while in a sitting position. After that, gently move your hips off the edge while keeping your hands in the same place and keeping your feet close to your body and knees. Then slowly lower your whole body down and rise back up.

Triangle push-ups

Get your body into a regular push-up position with your hands placed on the floor just below your face. After that bring your index fingers and your thumbs together to form a triangle shape in the middle. Slowly lower your whole body down and up while still holding the triangle shape. This type of push up is much harder than the standard pushup, and it focuses on working your triceps.

Lateral boxes

When doing this exercise make sure you prepare a set of dumbbells with a weight of 2 or 5 kilograms for beginners. Hold both dumbbells at each side of your hands facing in your palm. Make sure your feet are both hip-width apart. Slowly raise your arm and shoulder on the side while holding each dumbbell. Once the shoulders are raised, bring your arms and shoulder together until both dumbbells meet in the middle just above your chest line. Then slowly lower both shoulders down on the front of your body to complete a rep.  

Cutting Down On Unhealthy Stress

Stress and anxiety can be huge barriers to overcome when you’re trying to improve your fitness and your overall health. It’s vital that you tackle this head on if you feel that it’s getting you down.

Your body’s proper functionality is hindered when you’re stressed, which means you will probably struggle a lot more with sticking to a routine and making positive progress. Issues can include any of the following, and more…

  1. Feeling tired and low on energy
  2. Increased cravings for food and drink you shouldn’t be having too much of
  3. Distraction from what should be your main priorities
  4. Reduced immune system functionality
  5. An unhelpful cycle of stress leading to more stress

What many people fail to consider is the scientific process behind the stress we all feel on a daily basis. Stress is a function that has evolved in humans to help us deal with dangerous situations. It’s intended to help us forget about things that normally concern us and concentrate on getting to “safety”, which is why we usually feel the urge to get away from everything and tune out. Watching TV, browsing online, grazing on junk food… these are all things we do because we want to escape a perceived threat.

Unfortunately, when the threat is mainly psychological (like it is for people who suffer with confidence issues and anxiety), our body’s natural response is confused and doesn’t directly help. In fact, it’s often the worst possible solution because it does nothing to help us escape the cycle. When we waste time trying to de-stress, we’re creating more guilt internally. Real relaxation only works if you’re genuinely clearing your mind and removing unhealthy influences.

Sources of stress and anxiety can be very wide-ranging, but just a few common examples include…

  • Worrying about what your body looks like.
  • Repressing your feelings and ignoring them.
  • Trying to prioritise what other people want.
  • Internally talking yourself down.
  • Acting differently because you’re afraid to be yourself.
  • Refusing to be open with anyone.
  • Comparing yourself to other people.
  • Procrastinating instead of dealing with things.
  • Taking too long to make decisions due to fear.
  • Feeling guilty about your actions.

The list can go on and on, so you may not realise until you seriously think about your own life how many separate sources of stress you actually have. If you want to make progress towards a happy and healthy life, you need to start by cutting down on the stressful and negative influences that are currently blocking you from fulfilling your potential.

How To Channel Your Inspiration Into Fitness

Lack of motivation or inspiration is a huge problem for many people who would rather work harder on their physical fitness but can’t bring themselves to get started. It can be hard for a lot of us to get really impassioned about going to the gym or working on our exercise routines, and even if we are struck with sudden inspiration from time to time, channelling that into an effective fitness regime can be just as difficult.

For example, maybe if you read your favourite fitness blog or watch some videos, you might hear about how easy it was for someone else to make seemingly small changes in their life and see a big difference as a result. This is what we all want to hear, and knowing that it’s possible might temporarily give you a major boost. However, for many of us, reality soon comes crashing back and we fail to make the small steps we need to get started.

Distractions are also a big issue – if you were easily swayed with the idea of improving your fitness in the first place, you might have trouble avoiding the next thing that comes along. Your exercise routine might get old quickly, providing an opportunity for the next fun, new thing to come along. When something requires a lot of commitment, a short attention span is only natural.

Resolving to make a major change in your life, and sticking to it, is much more difficult. This is something a lot of us talk about, and value highly, but rarely embody. The chances are you just need to take specific steps to get a firm grasp on your potential and turn your thoughts into actions.

  • Break free of any preconceived notions of what kind of person you think you are and whether or not you expect to fail. Your past experiences are not a rule that will always hold.
  • Stay focused on your next step and see where each one takes you, instead of looking too far ahead to an end goal which seems too far to reach. You may not want to end up there anyway.
  • Focus on your talents and do more things that help you feel positive about your own abilities.
  • At the same time, just be careful not to multi-task to the point of distraction. Only spend your energy on endeavours that are not a waste of time.
  • Work on your self-control above all. If you discipline yourself effectively, you will be able to achieve anything you want in the long run.

3 Most Important Things look for in a Personal Fitness Training

Personal fitness training is very essential in order for you to remain fit and healthy. In the modern days, many people have realised the major benefits involved in personal training unlike in the past when many people ignored personal training. When engaging in personal training, there are a lot of things that you must look for. By considering these factors, it will be possible for you to get the best results. It can be very disappointing if you spend a lot of your time and money in personal training and end up failing to get the results you desired to have from the beginning. Here are some of the things on what to look for in a personal fitness training.

Your overall goals

One of the most important things that you must look for in personal fitness training is the overall goals that you want to attain. Many people come up with a lot of goals that they fail to attain in the long end. Why does this occur? One of the reasons why many people end up failing to attain their goals is that they come up with so many goals. Before you start engaging in personal fitness training it is good to come up with the goals you want to attain. You might have a lot of goals, but it is good to prioritize them to avoid getting confused in the process. It is also good to come up with realistic goals that you can attain. For instance if your main goal is to lose weight, it is good to set realistic targets that you can reach within a given period of time. For instance, do not think that you can lose twenty pounds within a week because you end up being disappointed. Set realistic targets and give yourself enough time because nothing comes fast.  Read More →

4 Things to Look for in a Personal Fitness Trainer

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you maintain your health and fitness is to get engaged in exercises. Performing regular exercises ensures that you remain fit at all times because you do not gain excess weight, have excess fat in your body, boost your immune system and you will be always in good mood. In case you need someone to train you when it comes to exercises, you do not have to worry a lot because there are many personal trainers in the modern days. The personal trainers specialize in helping people be able to attain their exercise goals in the most effective way. However, it is good to be extra vigilant because not all the personal trainers can help you attain your goals effectively. This article provides you with information on what to look for in a personal fitness trainer.

How many years they have been in the field

When you attend an interview for a job one question you must be asked is the amount of experience you have in a specific job you are being interviewed for. This is the same thing you should do when you are looking for a personal fitness trainer. “You need to work with a trainer with more than six years in this field,” said Si, a Leicester personal fitness trainer. “With the right trainer, you can be assured that he or she will guide you to undertake the right exercise that will help you attain the goals you have. An experienced trainer will also assist you in coming up with realistic goals that you can reach without a lot of struggles.” Read More →