Cutting Down On Unhealthy Stress

Stress and anxiety can be huge barriers to overcome when you’re trying to improve your fitness and your overall health. It’s vital that you tackle this head on if you feel that it’s getting you down.

Your body’s proper functionality is hindered when you’re stressed, which means you will probably struggle a lot more with sticking to a routine and making positive progress. Issues can include any of the following, and more…

  1. Feeling tired and low on energy
  2. Increased cravings for food and drink you shouldn’t be having too much of
  3. Distraction from what should be your main priorities
  4. Reduced immune system functionality
  5. An unhelpful cycle of stress leading to more stress

What many people fail to consider is the scientific process behind the stress we all feel on a daily basis. Stress is a function that has evolved in humans to help us deal with dangerous situations. It’s intended to help us forget about things that normally concern us and concentrate on getting to “safety”, which is why we usually feel the urge to get away from everything and tune out. Watching TV, browsing online, grazing on junk food… these are all things we do because we want to escape a perceived threat.

Unfortunately, when the threat is mainly psychological (like it is for people who suffer with confidence issues and anxiety), our body’s natural response is confused and doesn’t directly help. In fact, it’s often the worst possible solution because it does nothing to help us escape the cycle. When we waste time trying to de-stress, we’re creating more guilt internally. Real relaxation only works if you’re genuinely clearing your mind and removing unhealthy influences.

Sources of stress and anxiety can be very wide-ranging, but just a few common examples include…

  • Worrying about what your body looks like.
  • Repressing your feelings and ignoring them.
  • Trying to prioritise what other people want.
  • Internally talking yourself down.
  • Acting differently because you’re afraid to be yourself.
  • Refusing to be open with anyone.
  • Comparing yourself to other people.
  • Procrastinating instead of dealing with things.
  • Taking too long to make decisions due to fear.
  • Feeling guilty about your actions.

The list can go on and on, so you may not realise until you seriously think about your own life how many separate sources of stress you actually have. If you want to make progress towards a happy and healthy life, you need to start by cutting down on the stressful and negative influences that are currently blocking you from fulfilling your potential.