Ideas For Fitness Training As A Couple

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a thought – if you’re in a relationship, did either if you (or perhaps both) claim you were going to improve your fitness this year? If yes, how are you doing so far? Perhaps you’re feeling a little disheartened, so perhaps training together could be a good idea.

To begin with, let’s point out something not all articles on this matter will mention. Training together as a couple is by no means a good solution for everyone. For some people, it’s just not an option, and could potentially be something you both regret.

The major issue that tends to arise is when both people are not on the same fitness level and it becomes clear who is doing the best. Competition is not always healthy! One person may also be too controlling over what you’re both supposed to be doing.

However, if you have already established a good level of trust and you are comfortable with each other, arranging some time to work out together could be really beneficial for both of you. Social support is a hugely important element when it comes to succeeding at exercise. If you can work together on your fitness, you may be able to really enjoy the highs together and support each other during the lows.

Here are a few ideas of specific things you can do if you’re thinking about giving this strategy a try with your partner…

  • Consider sharing a professional, qualified trainer to help you come up with an appropriate workout routine and advise you on how you can support each other.
  • Try swimming, water sports or other kinds of pool-based fitness classes at your local gym. For many people this is more enjoyable and effective when you’re not alone.
  • Try creating your own unique circuit that you can complete at the same time, including different exercises, weights and so on.
  • Go to the same place together, but don’t do the same activities to avoid directly competing. Support each other constructively without risking conflict.